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NEOBEE Update 2014-01-22

Update taken from NEOBEE page on Havelock Investments and formatted for easier readability.

Flagship Branch

We are pleased to announce that Neo's flagship branch is scheduled to launch on February 24, 2014.
As part of the launch, we will also release the following three products:

Instant-Access BTC Wallet

This wallet will function as a standard Bitcoin wallet which utilizes the multi-signature process. Neo will earn revenue from these accounts through the fees paid when exchanging Euros for Bitcoin. Account holders will receive a Bee card, allowing them to make purchases at retailers around the island of Cyprus, and through existing Bitcoin payment gateways.

Time-Locked Wallets

This wallet will allow the customer to hold Bitcoins over a predetermined time period in their own wallet with multi-signature functionality. These wallets will enable the customer to execute an exchange back to Euros on the predetermined date for either the original Euro amount or for the value of the Bitcoin that is held in the wallet at the time of the exchange, however the maximum amount of gains the customer will receive will be limited to an agreed level. Neo will derive income from this type of wallet through gains made in the value of Bitcoin over an above the agreed percentage.

Merchant Wallet

This wallet will enable merchants to accept Bitcoin payments from anyone. Merchants will have the ability to determine the exact percentage of revenue they wish to retain as Bitcoins and how much they wish to convert instantly to Euros as settlement. Merchants may accept payments into their bank account through electronic transfer, or collect as cash from one of the Neo branches. Should the merchant choose to access their money through one of our branches, they will have access to those funds within one minute of accepting the payment.
We have decided to delay the second branch in Nicosia to ensure the flagship branch opening goes smoothly. The second branch will tentatively launch within the first quarter of 2014.

Bee Payment Network

We have taken delivery of the first batch of POS terminals. We are now finalizing the integration with Neo applications.
Bee will not charge transaction fees to merchants. This ensures the lowest barrier to entry. Bee will instead derive income from the rental of POS terminals and monthly fees for online payment gateways.
We have been working closely with a number of POS and Stock Management System developers to ensure compatibility and ease of integration with their systems and the Bee network. This will enable thousands of Cypriot and international merchants to easily integrate our terminals with existing infrastructure.

Neo EasyCoin

Neo EasyCoin is nearing the completion of beta testing. We are waiting for some locations to go online with different payment service providers. We are also working with other payment service providers in Europe to enable Neo EasyCoin to service additional European countries.
Neo EasyCoin will provide service to the United States once we are in possession of a written clarification from FinCEN regarding our business model. Our lawyers are working on this daily. While we are confident in our plan, we also want to ensure long-term stability.

Media Exposure

We have received consistent and positive attention from local news outlets, including newspapers, television, magazines and news websites.
Here are some examples:
We held a dinner event with the management and owners of several media companies based in Cyprus.


Neo's first advertising campaign is now underway. The first television advertisement will premiere on February 1st. Radio advertisements and a new Neo & Bee website will be launched in support of this campaign. The website will include detailed information about our personal and merchant wallet service offerings.


We continue to make progress in establishing clear regulations for the operation of Bitcoin-based businesses in Cyprus. We have taken the necessary steps to obtain a Cyprus investment firm license, which would enable us to offer time-locked wallets to customers. We will offer these wallets when we open the first branch.

Neo Xchange

Neo Xchange is a new venture in which Neo will act as a brokerage and trade on a new Bitcoin exchange under development. The Neo Xchange platform will offer trade derivatives and other financial instruments. This requires the platform to be regulated. We are working towards obtaining the required licenses from CySEC to operate this platform. More information will be provided as available.
Once this platform has been launched, Neo will have greater ability to hedge the instant-access pegged wallets.

Neo Portals

We are now developing our own ATM hardware that will enable customers to have access to all subsidiaries in many countries. This development will enable global expansion. By increasing our footprint in this manner, we can assess the data from these portals to determine optimal locations for expansion of the Neo network of branch locations.
The Neo Portals project is being managed by Brad Vaivoda. Brad Vaivoda graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.Sc in mechanical engineering. After beginning his career performing brake rotor design and analysis in Formula 1, he accepted a position aiding orthopedic surgeons during operations whilst working for Zimmer Holdings Inc., a medical device manufacturer in the orthopedic industry. Most recently, Brad was employed by The Boeing Company as a Test & Evaluation Engineer working across Boeing's commercial aircraft product lines.
Brad has since turned his focus to Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related ventures. He has considerable experience with bleeding-edge technology and is familiar with working in fast-paced environments.
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So is Havelock Investments trustworthy at this point?

I noticed they have Neo & Bee on there and was thinking of buying some stock. But having looked out the closure of other bitcoin stock sites and that there isn't any color coins around that would save me by being decentralized I have to wonder if it's safe.
I wouldn't want to put money in and then the site closes and as a result the stock plummets in value and I loose everything from stuff unrelated to Neo & Bee themselves.
Any thoughts?
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My thoughts on investing in Bitcoin denominated securities.

I had a few thoughts on "investing" bitcoins. I put a little into Neo & Bee as well as SFI through Havelock. I actually think that I likely won't sell those shares for more bitcoins than I bought them for, but I still might consider that I'm coming out ahead. Why? Because the infrastructural improvements that these companies are working on effectively increase the value of an individual Bitcoin itself.
Let's consider these two scenarios:
  1. I buy a Bitcoin and hold it. The market price of bitcoin goes of up 100% in a year. I've made 100% ROI in relation to USD if I sell at that point. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. I buy a Bitcoin and buy a BTC-denominated stock representing a company (say MEXBT or NEOBEE). They use that money to further their business and they are successful, but at the same time the BTC price rises 150% and people that own their stocks decided to take profits. Their total Capitalization denominated in BTC is lower, but their Capitalization is actually higher in USD. If I sell my stock at that point... I've actually lost bitcoins and thus haven't turned a profit.... a buy and hold strategy of pure Bitcoin would have worked better.
Or would it have? Who's to say that my contribution to their cause didn't get baked into the market price of a bitcoin and that increase in price wouldn't have occurred without their contribution of new use-cases. It would be impossible to tell just by looking at the market, but if we see new use-cases come up (US->MX remittances and increased use in Cyprus) then by necessity the value of bitcoin would rise.
This adds a interesting tragedy/comedy of the commons: It's possible that investing a rapidly appreciating asset into a moderately successful company you believe in will actually benefit those who chose not to invest more because they will still get value-addition to their Bitcoins.
inb4: Cognitive dissonance accusation. I'm perfectly aware I'm performing some non sequiturs to get to my conclusion. I just wanted to prompt some discussion.
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