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Where to buy Block Erupters in Canada?

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy 3 block erupters shipped to Canada. I've checked the following places but they have high shipping rates, but good base prices:
So does Reddit know of any other places to buy block erupters from that will ship to Canada for less than BTC Guild or Jone's Gear is asking for? Or do I just pick the cheapest out of these three?
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[WTS] 23.5 GH Mining Rig

At the moment I'm fielding offers for the entire mining rig.
I will not be parting this out and will be selling at as one entire unit. I will pay for shipping. US only.
Current setup allows for 12 in each internal USB hub, 5 in each 7 port hub a max recommended of 9 for the two 10 port hubs. You can try pushing it with 1 more in each of the 13 porters and 1 more in each of the 7 port hubs but it isn't recommended. Based on that, there is room for 4 more usb miners recommended setup, and 8 if you want to push it.
Please post an offer below. Going by current prices I'm looking for 8+ BTC. (Miners and Jalapeno alone at current prices around 7.8 BTC, .1 BTC per USB Miner and about 3 BTC (per ebay) for the Jalapeno) I know I won't be getting back what I paid for, but these are quality hubs and power supplies.
I've also put this on Ebay, but I would prefer to sell it for Bitcoin.
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Helpful Bitcoin Links Please Donate

I'm looking to raise some money to develop a advanced Bitcoin shopping cart system. I'm trying to raise some money so I've compiled a list of helpful links for those of you who use or plan on using Bitcoins. Please donate to my Bitcoin address if you find this list helpful and to help the development of my projects
Bitcoin address 18e2MbUAbH7jNpYtY9Qt2WFUZpagCCEaVs
  1. -The basic website for bitcoin
  2. -Information for people that know little to nothing about btc
  3. -Best website to track down transactions
  4.‎ -Trusted with btc transactions, gives good current value of the coin but don't recommend depositing USD to buy coin from them
  5. DO NOT RECOMMEND USD DEPOSITS. Great for foreigners that can do deposits because bitcoin is always 15-17 dollars cheaper so you can buy there and sell on mtgox
  6.‎ -Brings some good news and promote btc
  7. -The ebay for bitcoins. Buy and sell items for bitcoins
  8. -One of my all time favorite websites. Has everything possible that you need to know about btc and constantly updates information
  9. -Raise bitcoins for different causes
  10. Obviously
  11. Good to buy/sell, and run your business with
  12. If you have large amount of coins and don't plan on spending them anytime soon then store them in custom wallets
  13. Good mining profit calc for sha and scrypt
  14. Has the news but updates late sometimes, and not organized
  15. Interesting articles everyday
  16. simplest way to mine btc. fast and reliable
  17. -Good information but just another in my opinion
Best websites to purchase mining hardware
  1. -Number one because the ship almost instantly. Rates do tend to me a lot more but you know for sure you are getting what you ordered in a week and a half of less. No BS preordering and mess
  2. -2th miner for 14k. Best deal, has the most reputable staff, and is more for the customers then themselves
  3. -somewhat new the game but already shipping and producing! Definitely one of the best mining companies in the game (us buyers can now purchase off of their website now to or their resellers website at )
  4. -400 gh miner, yet to ship, but seems reliable
  5. -Can't buy anything, beat butterfly labs, but is becoming less and less dependable by the day
  6. waiting on avalon chips, could turn out to be a good company but companies that can develop chips on their own such as cointerra are your best bet
  7. -Trying to catch up in the asic miner game, could possibly be a reliable company in the near future
Best Web Sites To Spend Your Bitcoins
  2. The Ebay of Bitcoin
Desktop Bitcoin Wallet
  1. Compatible with both Mac and PC
Mining Pools For BitCoin
Open Source Shopping Cart Scripts Wordpress Scripts
For digital Content
For Digital Downloads
Please donate if you appreciate this list it will go to a advanced shopping cart system to further expand the growth of Bitcoin
Donate address Bitcoin address 18e2MbUAbH7jNpYtY9Qt2WFUZpagCCEaVs
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IL GREG - YouTube Pré-Temporada com o WTCR - 1ª BATERIA BITCOIN: Il PEGGIO deve ancora arrivare?  Analisi di Mercato FAXE - Raceroom - Hungaroring - WTCR - Funevent [50fps] Rain CHAOS at the 2001 Malaysian GP - YouTube

Purchase computer components for bitcoin! All the latest brand new hardware and software is available at great prices, shipped right to your door! WTCR. Write a review Add photo. 0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 0 reviews: Description Update. Purchase computer components for bitcoin! All the latest brand new hardware and software is available at great prices, shipped right to your door! Reviews. Write a ... The official bitcoin mining forum / subreddit / chat room / place to be!. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users AskReddit-news-funny-pics-movies-videos-worldnews-aww-gaming-tifu-todayilearned-Showerthoughts-mildlyinteresting-gifs-Jokes-explainlikeimfive-TwoXChromosomes-IAmA -science-OldSchoolCool-nottheonion-Futurology-books-askscience-Art-UpliftingNews ... - The WTCR Team. Press Archive. What is Bitcoin? October 4, 2011, 3:45 pm. Shopping cart. There are no products in your shopping cart. 0 Items: Total: $ 0.00 CAD: Select your Currency: WTCR is currently: CLOSED Please check our hours Please feel free to browse / place orders, your order will be processed when we're next open ... the bitcoin catalog, hardware, electronics. Home decor & Architecture ; Electrical / Mechanical ; Landscaping Learn from the reviews of other people who spent bitcoins at Winnipeg Technology & Computer Renewal (, and find other similar places that accept bitcoin. Ücretsiz tablet oyunları indirme yapmak ve hileli bir şekilde kullanmak artık basit.Bayan sohbet numara ara can sıkıntını kolaylıkla gider!

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IL GREG - YouTube

Il mio Canale e' nato per rappresentare quello che mi circonda quotidianamente: attualita', politica, notizie, tecnologia, curiosita', ambiente. Quello che m... -- What's your favourite F1 track that's no longer on the calendar? -- Unbelievable footage as both Ferraris slide off into the gravel at the same corner whi... Chegando na quarta posição Muitas disputas Instale o navegador CryptoTab e comece a ganhar dinheiro extra apenas por utilizá-lo. Desde que veja vídeos no You... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Follow neo on social media: Twitter: @neo_channel_ Facebook: Video description: In 2003, the construction of the multi-bil...