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Why do the media always make so many mistakes when they write about Bitcoin?

Whenever I read stories in the media about Bitcoin I always get frustrated about the amount of mistakes they make. For some reason they never seem to check their facts when they publish something.
I thought I would share some of the things I found in the last week with you guys. :P
All of these articles are from Dutch media btw.
Bitcoin wordt steeds populairder als betalingsmiddel, maar beleggen kun je er niet mee.
English translation
Bitcoin is starting to become much more popular for payments, but you can’t invest in it.

Why wouldn’t you be able to invest in Bitcoin?
I have been doing it for years! :P

Voorts kunnen hackers uw digitale portefeuille hacken waardoor ze aan de haal kunnen gaan met uw kapitaal.
English translation
Hackers can also hack your digital Bitcoin wallet and steal all your money.

Only if you store all of your Bitcoin on an online wallet!
Ook niet onbelangrijk: Het geld dat u investeert in bitcoin valt, net zoals alle andere risicodragende beleggingen, niet onder het depositogarantiestelsel. Dat betekent dat u riskeert uw volledige investering te verliezen wanneer het bedrijf achter bitcoin overkop gaat.
English translation
When you invest in Bitcoin you risk losing all your money when the company behind Bitcoin goes bankrupt.

“The company behind Bitcoin” xD

Direct na het oordeel daalde de waarde van het virtuele geld tot minder dan 979 dollar, om daarna wel weer een licht herstel te laten zien
English translation
After the verdict of the SEC Bitcoin plummeted towards 979 dollars, to only recover a tiny bit.

We are at almost the exact same price as yesterday, I wouldn’t call that a “tiny recovery”. :P

Vrijwel alle bitcoinhandel vindt inmiddels plaats in China.
English translation
Almost all Bitcoin trade is currently located in China.

That hasn’t been the case anymore since the past months, and in fact it has never really been true. Chinese exchanges simply faked their volume by charging no trading fees. This way it seemed like all trade happened on their exchanges. But we all knew this wasn’t real.
Op 11 maart besluit de SEC of de aanvraag voor deze Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust wordt goedgekeurd
English translation.
On March the 11th the SEC will decide whether they will approve the Winklevoss Bitcoin trust.

It could have happened on any day, the 11th of March was the final deadline. But the final verdict came on March the 10th.

Twee jaar geleden werd er een aanvraag ingediend door Cameron en Tyler Winklevoss
English translation

Two years ago Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed their request at the SEC.
Four years ago, not two!!
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